If you need to make some extra cash fast, then a pawn loan might be the right solution for you. VIP Gold Rush in Dearborn offers three-month renewable collateral loans secured against personal assets including jewelry, cars, electronics, musical instruments, tools and more. All loans can be renewed at the end of each three-month term by paying the minimal finance charge.

The amount of your loan will depend upon the value of the items you bring in to our pawn shop. VIP Gold Rush employs a staff of well-trained and experienced pawn brokers who will evaluate your merchandise to help you get the maximum amount for your loan. Everything that you pawn is fully insured and stored until you redeem your loan. That means that no one touches your valuables until you’re ready to pick them up or to relinquish them for sale.

Jewelry items are given special care. All jewelry is kept in a secure vault with 24-hour surveillance. All non-jewelry items are kept in a clean and organized warehouse onsite. You can trust that your valuables are safe in our hands while you are paying back your loan, helping you to get the money you need without worrying about the risk.

How the Pawn Process Works

Some people are a bit confused about how the process works for getting a pawn loan. Here’s an easy breakdown to help make it clear:

Step 1: You bring in merchandise for a free appraisal.

Step 2: We come to an agreement on the loan amount.

Step 3: VIP Gold Rush agrees to hold the merchandise for at least three months during the initial term of your loan.

Step 4: You return within three months and pay back the loan with the interest agreed upon, and you get your merchandise back. You may also opt to return within three months, pay the finance charge on the loan, and renew the loan for another three months.

You don’t always have to get a pawn loan. Though we are a pawn shop, we also buy merchandise outright. If you choose that option, we will appraise your merchandise and offer you a fair price.

Find out how you might be able to get the cash you need. Come into our Dearborn pawn shop today and find out what your valuables are worth!